Saturday, January 21, 2012

More Kansas Goodies!

Ok y'all!  As promised--here is another project that came out of the road trip to Kansas!

If you read the "About Toejo" page here, you'll know that I LOVE to sew!  When Ms. Patricia told me she had an antique Singer Sewing Machine for sale (for next to nothing!!!!) I couldn't wait to get my hands on it!  It, like the buffet and bench, had seen better days....but with a little imagination, it could have an entirely new look and serve a modern purpose!!

Here she is!!

Missing knobs, really rusty, no machine....pretty sad!  The first thing I did, was flip this baby over and remove all the screws holding the cabinet in place (I kept everything wooden!  There's GOTTA be something GREAT I can do with this vintage wood!  If you have any ideas--I'm all ears!! :).

After she was stripped down to the iron, I used a really abrasive iron brush to rub off the remaining rust particles (BTW--sorry I don't have step-by-step photos to share!  At the time these pictures were taken, a website hadn't even entered my mind!  It's a wonder I snagged before/after pics at this point!).  :)

Once she was clean and rust free, I gave her a glossy RED coat of paint (I do live in Hog Country, ya' know!!  Woo Pig Sooie!!).  

Does the wooden top look familiar!?!?  If you saw my previous post, you'd know about the barn wood I snagged thanks to my FAVORITE mother-in-law (check out her awesome facebook page!!).  :-)  We used the antique wood to build a simple (yet oozing with character) table top!

I love mixing the industrial and antique style of the iron sewing machine base with warm/traditional barn wood!

I've done several other sewing machine tables since my trip to Kansas!  See more before and afters below!  :)
I found this Antique singer machine base on Craigslist a few weeks after my Kansas trip.  I believe I got it for less than $25!!  (What did we ever do without Craigslist!?!?!)

Gotta love Craigslist!!

My dad works in commercial construction--and knows a good thing when he sees it!!  He was given scraps from a wooden beam (which was being used for ceiling trusses in a local high school) on a job-site he was working on.  He took it home, propped it up against his garage.......and that's about as far as it went...

When I snagged the sewing machine base on Craigslist, I immediately thought of the wooden beam!! The size--was PERFECT--the LOOK....even MORE perfect!  It didn't take 2 seconds of sweet-talking my dad until that beam was loaded up in my little Accord and on it's way to becoming a butcher block top for my sewing machine base!

Most definitely one of my faves!!

I painted it a really vibrant vintage inspired turquoise--and gave it a good sanding so the "wear" of the iron would show through.  I can see it as a kitchen island in an eclectic/hip OR antique/traditional home!

If I was a "dumpster-diver" before....this beam could turn me into a "construction site stalker"!  What other cool building materials do those men throw away!?!?!  :)

I didn't make a lot of changes on this last table.

Instead of replacing all the wood, I decided to keep the original top and simply refinish it.  After a lot of gluing, puttying of holes and sanding--I added a fresh coat of dark walnut stain and new coat of paint!

I really love the color of this one!  I went with a semi-gloss green (Oh!!  I don't remember the color name--shame on me!!!) and used a high-grit sand paper to distress the entire piece.

Brian and I stopped at a Mennonite auction during the Kansas road trip where I saw an AWESOME sewing machine table which is really different from the tables above!  Next time I find a machine base (for a decent price) I'll post a new way to update these awesome antique machines!!

Until Then!....  :)

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