Sunday, January 15, 2012

Road Trip Goodies!!
I've been DYING to get my hands on an antique buffet to refurbish!  I spent weeks scouring second hand stores and Craigslist, searching high and low for a sad little buffet that I could work some magic on.  Every so often, I'd come across one, but they were always too nice to justify painting!  (I love antiques and wouldn't dream of ruining a perfectly beautiful piece!)  I wanted a buffet that was "rough around the edges".

Just as I was about to give up the search...I came across an ad on Craigslist (WITHOUT a picture).  The ad simply read, "Old Buffet for sale.  Call or email."  I never inquire about pieces that don't have pictures, it seems to take up precious time.  Email the seller.....wait for a response.....request a photo.....wait for another response.....  But, this time I figured, what the heck, and called the number on the ad.

After a 20 minute "gab-fest" with the seller, Ms. Patricia, I determined it was time for a road trip!  Patricia lived 4 HOURS away (which alone would detour me from pursuing ANY item)--but there was something charming about Ms. Patrica! I got a HUGE kick out of our phone conversation (in 20 minutes I knew all about her: horse farm, family's 200 acre property, granddaughter's volleyball team, work situation and donkeys).  Not only was I convinced I needed to meet her, but, to boot--she also had a hand full of other items she was willing to part with....including an antique Singer sewing machine, antique bench, murphy bed, dining table and chairs, dresser, camel back trunk, and multiple antique wall mirrors!!  

After a few days of persuasion, I convinced my husband to hitch the trailer and drive me to Kansas!!  (Did I mention that I hadn't seen ANY pictures of any items Ms. Patrica was selling??  Poor thing didn't know how to use email.)    :)

Ms. Patricia didn't disappoint!  She was just as sweet in person as she was on the phone!  AND--she had more furniture than I'd anticipated!  

Here's a look some Before & After projects from our Kansas Road Trip!


Ok--Maybe I wouldn't have driven 4 hours to get it if I'd seen the condition this guy was in!  :)  But, I said I wanted something "rough around the edges"....  Ha!

After a LOT of elbow grease (veneer stripping, sanding, hardware repair, duct tape removal...) she was ready for paint!

I went with a satin black, oil based paint and gave the piece a good bit of distressing in all the right places.

I was really happy with how it turned out!  ....and to think--Ms. Patricia left this guy in the barn for the past 6 years!!! 

Ok--how GREAT is this bench!?!?!  The lines....the curves....the SCALE!!  It too, was left in a barn for 6+ years; HOWEVER, I could see through the cobwebs and dust!  It had SO much potential!!

I simply removed the broken details on the armrests (as much as I hated to).  There was just no way to repair where pieces were missing.

After removing the armrest details, stripping the veneer, and giving it a good cleaning, it was ready to be put back together!  My mother in law gave me access to an old barn that had AWESOME wood planks just laying around, waiting to be used for something!  Brian built this little guy a new seat out of the vintage barn wood--and stained it a nice walnut color. 

I love the contrast of the creamy-white frame with the dark wood seat!

Michael approves!!  :)

Glad to say this guy found a new home (but sad to say it isn't at mine!)  :(  I was getting attached to him!

Many other projects came out of the Kansas Road Trip!  
Stay tuned for more before and afters!  :)

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