Astro Photos

   What is this phenomenon? Why are there no other real photos of stars being published? This is footage showing stars being everything from triangles to monster demon like faces. Many of these photos I have taken have what look to be spacecraft or anomalies very similar to motherships straight out of Hollywood.

  We were always taught that stars in the sky were spheres, or balls or light.  This is video footage of the star Rigel, or Beta Orionis, being everything but a sphere. 

Triangle star? 

    I don't remember those in the lesson plan in school.  Just another one of the many perplexing photos captured while exploring the world of astronomical photography aka astro photography.

   Not sure what to make of some of these photos of Betelgeuse, you be the judge.  Either way it makes for some great viewing.

   What is that twinkle in that star really all about?  Have you really looked close at the stars and planets in the sky?  Maybe it's time you take a closer look, and maybe you'll get hooked on the endless questions that arise from just one view of a star up close.

    The image above is a still shot pulled from video footage of Sirius through a telescope.  This image has had the contrast and brightness adjusted and reveals another story compared to it's unfiltered counterpart.  Below are many of those still shots from that footage.


     It's not just Sirius, many other stars and objects in the sky tell a very different story when filmed and looked at closer.  Frame by frame they can change size, shape, and color within 1/30th of a second.  The same can be said about the star Betelgeuse.

   In the set of frame grabs above, there are many anomalies and questions to be answered.  Everything from possible military aircraft TR-3B, aka ASTRA, to disk like UFOs are seen in these stills.  Not to mention, the strange phenomenon of demon like faces are also present in these photos of Betelgeuse.