Electric Vehicles

   This is a quick overview of an electric vehicle conversion.  That is when you take a gasoline powered vehicle and convert it to run off of battery power.

   Here's the process we took to convert a 1982 Volkswagon Rabbit to an electric vehicle. The kit we built for this was experimental and didn't fit the application, so we donated it to a electric boat race. The lead acid batteries were too heavy for the Rabbit.
   We switched to a more practical Isuzu pickup for the electric conversion as well as upgraded the kit to everyday road ready 144v components. This was in 2011 when Lithium battery prices were out of our scope. Prices have came down and we still have the Rabbit... just saying.....

toejo - electric vehicle conversion kit

toejo - electric vehicle conversion kit - 36v

toejo - electric vehicle conversion kit - 36v assembled

toejo - electric vehicle conversion kit - 36v installed

           Tesla Motors has made electric vehicles a household name.  Green technology has finally made it's way into the mainstream.  It has been a long journey, but now we can bet on electric vehicles and cleaner emissions from bio fuels to change the world.  Pull up, plug in, and let's dive into what makes an electric vehicle so appealing.

    There are many excess vehicles around that have blown motors.  If it has a transmission, remove the gas motor and attach an electric motor to it.  They also refer to this as "coupling," and there are many options out there to make this connection.  Love Joy is a great brand of coupling that is heavy duty and trusted by many.